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   Harness Your Natural Strengths


  • Your natural affinity for writing

  • Your excellent researching skills

  • Your ability to solve problems

  • Your empathetic listening skills

  • Your natural creative skills

  • You are well organised and system driven

  • You have the ability to build deep, genuine relationships on a one-to-one level.



   Thirty Proven Marketing Strategies for the Quiet Achiever


  1. Embrace your introverted nature! 

  2. Create partnerships. (Introverts excel at building deep and meaningful relationships.)

  3. Ask questions. 

  4. Listen to your customers.

  5. Seek out one on one interactions.

  6. Practice being vulnerable.

  7. Blog regularly. 

  8. Go to structured networking meetings. 

  9. Volunteer to help out at networking events.

  10. Shape your interactions around your communication style. 

  11. Turn the conversation around to focus on the other person when networking.

  12. Take time to recharge. 

  13. Set goals around connecting with people.

  14. Create loyalty programs and testimonials. 

  15. Delegate appropriate marketing and sales tasks.

  16. Create a strong personal brand. 

  17. Join relevant groups. 

  18. Be social in small, intimate ways. 

  19. Find an extroverted “wingman”

  20. Make your own hours. 

  21. Write a thank you note after each encounter.

  22. Take time to work in silence at planned times during the day.

  23. Take frequent breaks to work on projects that recharge you.

  24. Reflect on your past successes.

  25. You have a valuable product, market it!

  26. Practice your elevator pitch 

  27. Find a coach or mentor to keep you accountable.

  28. Schedule meditation or exercise on days that require a lot of interaction.

  29. Ask for referrals.

  30. Break your Comfort Zone everyday

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